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All I Know

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Ashly Lorenzana is a freelance writer, blogger and published author. She has worked as an escort for over five years, and has been a drug addict even longer than that.

Several years ago, she started writing a list. The original title was simply, "The Things I Believe," and the title pretty much says it all.

Since then, the list has grown and so has the expression used to convey each of her observations and discoveries about all areas of life.

Today, Lorenzana's quotes are shared countless times on social media sites and have appeared all over the web. People from all walks of life have found special meaning in her words and the little messages she has sent out into the world.

All I Know is a thoughtful collection of quotes to make life appear more worth living, even while looking at it through the darkest lens known to mankind.

Editorial Reviews

"All I Know is a beautiful collection of Ashly Lorenzana quotes. They are full of insight and great advice. Lorenzana is only 26, but it is safe to say that her wisdom is well beyond her years...While reading this collection, I found myself bookmarking quotes on my Kindle constantly!" -

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