chantelle oliver : Apocalypse The Memoir

Apocalypse The Memoir

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You think you know zombies? Think again. Genre eviscerating horror memoir from award-winning Canadian author.

Editorial Reviews

What a wild and wonderful ride your book is! I can smell, taste and hear it even after finishing my reads.

It’s a sensory nightmare of the best kind. It’s definitely a landscape of grief and brutality that one would
only wish to visit in the pages of a book.

-Marnie Woodrow author of "Heyday" and "Spelling Mississippi"

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5 out of 5 stars:

I am generally not a zombie book reader but thought that a memoir with zombies sounds like something new. Damn right it's! Totally captivating and unexpected in the best possible way! Highly recommended!

5 out of 5 stars:

This book is like some kind of sharpened nightmare, filled with giddy turns, the outcome of each impossible for a reading mind to predict, yet its violent grip morphs into some kind of lulling, hopeful embrace. It’s a contraction in many ways; an exciting adventure story – a genuine zombie horror - and yet more of a cleverly subtle lesson on the pernicious effects of cruelty. Protagonist Indy has me simultaneously cheering and rooting for her while wanting to look away, like turning from some sort of tragic accident. The strength of this 15 year-old girl matches that of any existing, highly lauded male hero, yet she surpasses as a truly unique character, developed through the long suffering we are able to witness of a patient, sensitive genius. Its hurt wanted me to put it down, but its action and astute observation would not let me.

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