Anthony Vicino : Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

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**Short Story 10,000 Words**

<b style="font-size: 14.4px;">Our mistakes as parents become the burden of our children.</b>

When Ricky was nine years old he murdered his grandma with a shattered bottle of Jack Daniels. Nobody knows why he did it. Not even Ricky.

Forty-two years later and Ricky still believes he is that little boy. The face of the man in the mirror is a stranger he's never known.

Doctors at Pinehurst Mental Hospital, desperate to help Ricky confront the suppressed memories locked away in his fractured mind, perform a radical new therapy to reveal the secrets buried on that fateful night.

But soon they'll come to realize some memories are best left forgotten.

Sins of the Father is a psychological thriller from Anthony Vicino. A heartbreaking short story examining mental health, regret, and redemption. Fans of Edgar Allan Poe's suspense, or Stephen King's unsettling horror mysteries, will love this captivating short story.

Editorial Reviews

"Anthony Vicino paints sharp, jagged pictures with his words." - Bill Ectric

"I kept feeling as though I were reading an Edgar Allan Poe story. A nice quick read with some vivid writing and a couple nice twists along the way." - Ted Cross (Author of The Immortality Game)

"An impressive little book. Short, but emotionally dense. In true novella style, the author brings us steadily to a striking climax. Writing style is simple and elegant." - Melas Lithos

"Very craftily written. Leads you in a particular direction, but it is only in the final few pages that you reach the brilliantly hidden, and stunning conclusion. The setting and characters were very real and well written; they made me care about the tragedies that struck them!" - Shauna Dean

"A great psych thriller. Beginning reminded me of Shutter Island, but this takes on a life of its own. You'll especially love the title upon completion!" - Ernie Luis (Author of Alternate and The Killswitch)

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