Anne Leigh Parrish : Our Love Could Light The World

Our Love Could Light The World

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Humor, Fiction

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Elizabeth Strout, Raymond Carver, Louise Erdrich

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202 pages




She Writes Press

Publication Date

May 2013



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Finalist in the short story category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards!

Twelve linked short stories about the Dugans in upstate New York.They're that scrappy family that lives down the street. Their yard is overgrown, they don't pick up after their dog, their five children run free - leaving chaos in their wake - and the father hasn't earned a cent in years. The wife hold them together on her income alone. You wouldn't want them for neighbors - but from a distance, they're quite entertaining.

Editorial Reviews

"Parrish is in possession of such precise prose, devilish wit, and big-hearted compassion that I couldn't help but be drawn into the hi-jinks and mishaps of the Dugan family. I found myself one moment laughing out loud, and the next, overcome with emotion. I'd compare these linked stories to those of George Saunders, Elizabther Strout, or perhaps even Flannery O'Connor, if Parrish's voice weren't so clearly and wonderfully her own." - Ross McMeekin, Editor, Spartan.

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