Andrew Michael Schwarz  : A Midsummer Night's Mare, Poppycock, Book 1

A Midsummer Night's Mare, Poppycock, Book 1

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Humor, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Piers Anthony, Anne Rice, Jim Butcher, Clive Barker

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"A masterpiece of Shakespearean horror. A first of its kind." "It's Shakespeare meets Freddie Krueger. Serial killers, fairies and the apocalypse, the bogey man just got a hit of steroids." "An instant cult classic." Faeries return to San Francisco, and they don't believe in happily ever after's. Sarah Montgomery wasn't planning on saving her relationship, let alone an entire city, but when she learns of her father's transformation, she is swept into a world of weird magic and decayed gods. Here the rules don't apply, the police can't help you, and to stay "real" a serial killer called Poppycock commits his foul deeds on a race that no longer believes. Thus begins the killing spree.

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