Amy Layne Litzelman : This Beloved Road: A Journey of Revelation and Worship

This Beloved Road: A Journey of Revelation and Worship

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Tate Publishing

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Come, taste the sweetness of God’s friendship and the vastness of His power. Be strengthened and encouraged. Explore aspects of a divine relationship you may have never considered. In Amy's highly original and illustrative vignettes, you'll unwrap the mysteries and complexities of a Creator who longs to be known.

Come. Peek through this window and then run outside and experience it for yourself.

Editorial Reviews

"Wow, what a journey. Reading through this book helped me connect to a deeper intimacy with God. Basking in His love. Amy is a very talented
writer and her relationship and journey with the Lord is very well
expressed and understood. She is able to pull you into this journey
with her and leads you as a reader into a place of worship and peace. I
highly recommend this book." - Svann Langford

"There is something in this brilliant, practical and well-written book for everyone. It is a great collection of amazing, inspiring, revealing
and biblically sound essays. As you read This Beloved Road, you will
increasingly experience the loving presence of God in your heart, and
the more of it you will want to devour. It won't leave you the same!" - Serge Roux-Levrat, Principal Ambassador of SRL Ministries and Author of best selling eBook, Make Your Life Worth Living.

"As I read through This Beloved Road, I believe the thing that strikes me the most is LOVE....Love for the Creator; love for God's Word; love for
people; love for life itself. EXTRAVAGANT love and refreshing GRACE emanate from the pages into the very core of the recipient as Amy helps
us to see the world from a Heavenly perspective. You will not want to
miss these revelations expressed from beginning to end. This is not a
one time read. Your heart will be longing to absorb every word and keep
them as treasures in your heart. They are truly life giving words." - Gracefully Broken

"This is a wonderful devotional, expressing a young woman's love of The Father. Highly practical, readable, and most importantly, scriptural.
Amy has a gift of sharing her heart for Lord through her day to day
experiences and thoughts. This is a book to savor; one you will read and
re-read. At times it is as if she is sitting in the room expressing her
understanding of my own experiences, joys, sorrows, wonders...and
touching my heart with through the Spirit with her words." - Bobbie

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