Amy Jo Hawkins : It Doesn't Have to be That Way

It Doesn't Have to be That Way

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It was a hot, Midwest summer evening in July 1987 when a random outing led them both to the exact same place at the exact same time. The attraction and connection seemed instant and overwhelming and before they knew it, this sixteen and seventeen year old would find themselves at a place where their lives would never be the same. Amy Jo Hawkins shares the very real and very raw story of this young couple (Luke & Macy) who at young age, begin raising a family while desperately trying to find themselves along the way. Through marrying young, countless trials and ultimately divorce, Luke & Macy defy all odds and discover the true meaning of love & forgiveness. With divorce as prevalent as it is today, it’s virtually incomprehensible to grasp this truly remarkable story of how It Doesn’t Have to be That Way.

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