Alison Lutz : What Happened to Grace

What Happened to Grace

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Children & Teens, Romance

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YA Fiction, YA Non-Fiction, Laurie Halse Anderson, Meg Cabot, Ann Brashares

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Seventeen-year-old Grace O'Connell does not fit in. Haunted by her insecurities and social awkwardness, she's certain her first year at Hutchinson State will be as torturous as high school. Armed with her faithful companion, a stuffed tiger named Mr. Snufflebutt, and the disdainful certainty that college "fun" is beneath her, she soon realizes that life might have more to offer her than mere math proofs and unpalatable dining hall food. Of course, that has everything to do with Carson West, the unreachable senior with a long-distance girlfriend, and an old paperback her mother disapproves of. With more than a little hesitation, Grace opens herself to the possibilities of love, lust, and a more nuanced understanding of right and wrong in this classic coming-of-age tale.

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