Alicia Rasley : Outline Your Novel in 30 Minutes

Outline Your Novel in 30 Minutes

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Plot that book!

Know that character!

This article guides you through a free-writing exercise that will help you explore your character's journey. With this journey, you can use what you learn about the character's strengths, conflict, and goal to create story events. You'll be outlining a plot which is deepened and individualized by the close connection to the character. "Outline Your Novel in 30 Minutes" offers the brainstorming help you need to discover the depth and power within your own story.

Editorial Reviews

Your pedagogy is amazing, all
those thoughtful usable exercises. You should get a PhD for it, too, and
awards, along with grateful thanks. Judith Stanton, award-winning author and
college professor.

I love this article! It is such a great
resource for authors. I put a link to it in my latest blog post. I hope you get
a ton of traffic. You deserve it. Cindy
M. Hogan Author of Watched, Director of

You are truly an amazing teacher. Tops. Paige Parnell

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