Aaron Wilson : SOLD! How to Get Your Book Carried By Christian Retailers

SOLD! How to Get Your Book Carried By Christian Retailers

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August 2015



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Getting your book carried by a brick-and-mortar retailer is a big win. It adds visibility and (perhaps more importantly) credibility to your brand. Even if you plan to market your book digitally, don’t write-off traditional bookstores as a powerful avenue through which you can build your tribe.


Many new authors don’t even consider their local store (let alone a national chain) as an avenue to reach audiences. The task seems so daunting, the hurdle so high, writers dismiss the dream altogether. But this doesn’t have to be the case...


Aaron Wilson is a successful self-published author who's also spent 15 years managing Christian bookstores. As such, he's seen the issue from both sides. In SOLD! How To Get Your Book Carried By Christian Retailers, Aaron pulls back the curtain on self-publishing and Christian retail to give you an insider’s look at:

* What local authors have done to impress him as a bookstore manager (and what they’ve done to cause him to shake his head)

* Strategic tactics you can use to help your book stand its ground alongside “the big boys” of Christian publishing

* Current trends in Christian publishing and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve to make your book more remarkable to retailers and readers alike


Investing your marketing energy into local stores is just that – an investment! If you’re serious about your message, you should be just as serious about your goals for distributing it. Learn how in SOLD! How To Get Your Book Carried By Christian Retailers


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